For the past more than twenty years, ‘Iokepa and Inette have prepared themselves for this powerful journey.  They have lived a life of service to the aboriginal Hawaiian people, and to the ‘aina – land – that has bolstered their faith, opened their hearts, and filled them with the truth of the ancestors’ lives.

Expect: Iokepa’s ancient chants to vibrate the rafters; Inette’s personal stories to touch your heart. Together, they share the wisdom within an aboriginal culture that refused war for over 12,000 years – a matriarchal culture with the powerful means to heal anger, foster harmony, and take responsibility for every part of the earth.  In sum, this couple speak of a culture that has much to teach our 21st century world.

There is no charge for these powerful events.  

‘Iokepa says:  “My Grandmothers tell me, our culture is not for sale – that if I speak to the people’s ears, our ancestors will speak to their hearts.”

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What people are saying about our events:

We are extremely excited to host a gathering once again.  Since your last visit, the Whispers have turned to loud chants!  Many who did not have the opportunity to meet you…to meet the Grandmothers, are eagerly awaiting.  Some out of curiosity, others to follow the journey, and still others to share the sense of insight, inspiration and hope.  It is our desire to be a part of yet another beginning…
— Marv and Kerry Smith-Lebleu